The Singapore House
Passion Made Possible 

Type: Branding and Identity
Completed at TC&Friends
Year: 2020


DesignSingapore approached TC&Friends to help craft a visual identity for a new experiential retail showcase of Singapore lifestyle and design. The goal of the brand was to help bridge the western audience’s understanding of Asian culture and materially. Our brand proposal was to celebrate Singaporean Peranakan heritage and reflect this on a global scale.

The diamond shape that encapsulates SH in the logo was based around the shape of the Peranakan title, rooted in Singaporean culture.  The logo also hints at a floor plan and allows for a modular pattern, that can be created from the SH or diamond. 


The pattern creates a visual system that could be repurposed for brand merchandise or specific retail elements. The grid of the logo is also taken across other collateral and repurposed to inform design.

© 2020 Joseph Fraquelli

© 2020 Joseph Fraquelli